If you have got the Permanent Change of Station order from your company, then get ready, pack your stuff and move to the new country with your family. The major problem that you will come up here is deciding which items to take with you and which not. How to move household goods overseas will be the problem.


For how to move household goods overseas, the first thing you need to do first is get rid of all the junk. This can be done by holding a back yard sale and sell all the items that you don't use or can't take with new. The household goods that you can take with you include furniture, electronics, appliances, clothes and similar other items that are needed as a necessity. You are not allowed to ship food or liquids overseas.




How to move household goods overseas can be simple if you know all the requirements as well as regulations. Here is a little guide on how to move household goods overseas. You will have to use the Personal Property System for managing the shipping of the household goods. It is really important for you to get knowledge about the customs regulations of the country to which you are moving. Each country has different requirements so you should know them so that the process of shipping the goods could actually begin. If you will not abide by the regulations then it's obvious you won't be allowed to ship the household goods. There are countries that do not allow shipping endangered species, Narcotics and even fresh meat. Therefore don't toss them into the boxes, you can get in serious trouble if you break any rules.


The household goods are majorly transported through containers and the size of the container is determined by the weight as well as amount of household goods needs to ship. Those who are still worried about how to move household goods overseas should consider hiring our services for their shipping needs. We have answers to your question of how to move household goods overseas. We can ship vehicles, boats, equipment, trucks, excavators, bikes, RVs etc. from the USA to other countries. Everything related to shipping the household goods will be handled by us. We will guide you how to move household goods overseas and inform you about the items that you can get shipped. All those who question how to move household goods overseas need not to worry anymore as we are here for your shipping needs.