Motorhome is a heavy vehicle and to transport it from one country to another is not an easy job. But our company has the ability to ship these vehicles from anywhere in the USA to anywhere you want it to. There are people who want to ship their motorhomes to Australia from USA, and obviously there is a specific reason behind. In the populated areas such motorhomes are pretty much necessary and that is why the people import them from all over the world to Australia.   motorhome shipping to Australia from USA   Our shipping firm has the ability to transport motorhomes quite easily from USA to Australia and it can also be done within a few weeks depending on the location in USA. Australia as you all know is a big country and the people living there love to travel to the outback and the beaches - so motorhomes are preferred ways to travel from one place to another.   These are pretty much big and can sleep 3-10 people in them and have the ability to move at an average speed. You might be thinking that the motorhome shipping to Australia will be the same as to ship a car from USA to Australia. But let me tell you that this is not the case and the cost is also not the same - there is a huge difference between the cost and the size of a car and a motorhome. It is very common for a family to be in need of a motorhome, but many companies such as travel agencies or tour organizers also use them to take the passengers on trip on these motorhomes.   Motorhome shipping to Australia can done via roll-on roll-off shipping or via flat-rack container. Both transport methods are available through our company. Based on the size of your motorhome and location in USA - we will be able to provide you with the most affordable shipping solution.   If you are among those who are worried about motorhome shipping to Australia then there is no need to worry at all because our company can provide low rates and quality services. You should not worry at all about the motorhome, the transfer can be made in a few weeks. Motorhomes require the import approval from Customs in Australia and we have knowledgeable Customs brokers in Australia to help you with the process.   Now you have a question in your mind that which one is the best company for motorhome shipping to Australia according to one's needs and requirements. You should not worry at all because there is a solution to this problem: the thing you have to do is just to fill out the rate quote form on this website and we will provide the price within 24 hours.