International Shipping from USA to the Middle East

شركة Carex للشحن هي شركة نقل عالمية متخصصة في شحن البضائع الثقيلة والضخمة مثل اليخوت والقوارب والشاحنات والحافلات والسيارات المنزلية والمقطورات وسيارات المخيمات والجرارات وآلات الحصاد والرافعات والحفارات وغيرها من الآلات الصناعية وآلات البناء والآلات الزراعية من الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية إلى وجهات متعددة في كل أنحاء العالم. يقدم السوق الأمريكي مجموعة كبيرة ومنتقاة من الآلات […]

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Best RORO Shipping Companies in USA

People in various parts of the worlds need to get various goods shipped from one country to another either because of their personal needs or business purposes. There are plenty of requirements which you have to fulfill in order to get your stuff shipped. Some people avoid shipping their stuff because of the requirements they […]

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How to Ship a Car Overseas?

“How to ship a car overseas” is a common question many people ask when they have to shift to some other country and they prefer taking their own vehicle to the new state instead of buying a new one there. If you are also looking for the answer to question that how to ship a […]

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RV Trailer Transport Overseas

USA-International Shipping is an overseas trailer shipping company that has specialty in various types of trailers. Our organization has been in the shipping industry for many years and also it has well qualified and skilled transport specialists. Clients needing to choose the right type of transport for RV trailer should check out the different international […]

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Shipping Heavy Machinery International

Shipping heavy machinery that may include oversized cargo, bulldozers, pavers, forklifts, concrete mixers, excavators, scarpers, loaders and similar machinery is certainly a tricky task. Task for heavy machinery shipping international requires extreme care. It is important to take measurements of the equipment. Weight as well dimensions of each item should be measured. This will determine […]

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Export a boat from USA

Exporting boats from United States of America is an increasing dream. Everyone is looking forward to export a boat from USA because of special quality and guarantee given by the American ship making companies. The companies and traders who are looking to export a boat from USA should adapt the modern ways. Don’t rely on […]

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Shipping via Roll-on Roll-off Vehicle Service

The Roll-on Roll -off vehicle service has become much more common worldwide because with the advancement of technology, the demand of shipping goods overseas has been drastically increased. The Ro Ro vessels used on the Roll-on Roll-off vehicle service are many more robust and they are particularly designed for rolling cargoes, caravans, trucks and other […]

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Precautions for Shipping RV from US to Overseas

Shipping RV from US may seem to be complicated task but it is basically similar to transporting a large car overseas. If you give time and do proper homework on the task of shipping an RV from US then this task can turn to be very manageable. The first thing you need to be aware […]

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Securing boat in container

The United States is one of the developed countries where different goods are being manufactured. It is therefore no surprise that the US boasts hundreds of boats manufacturers that produce different types of boat ranging from small deck fishing boats to high class party pontoons and express cruisers to be sold in different countries. The […]

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Shipping Container Overseas Price

Over the last 40 years, container shipping has drastically changed the entire sea freight industry. Each day, thousands of goods of various kinds are transported between various countries. Even many of the day to day things we use are being shipped to our country through the containers over the sea.   If you want to […]

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